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Get a breath of fresh air!

Located on the shores of the majestic Baskatong reservoir, a genuine 320 km2 inland sea, our vacation resort promises an unforgettable sojourn at the core of a preserved wilderness.

Sensation seekers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, or true believers in complete relaxation far away from the city bustle, you will discover in our midst the art of being good to yourself.

Rabaska Lodge is a four season’s destination offering a variety of activities bound to awaken your senses.

Nature, sports, relaxation…because you’re worth it!

No matter the season, Rabaska Lodge proposes cottage and campsite rentals as well vacation packages suited to your needs.

With access to federated quad and snowmobile paths, let the High-Laurentian forest unveil its secrets to you.

The marina offers a pleasant stop over to passing or seasonal mariners, and you will appreciate our terrace. We offer fishing, quad adventure and snowmobile off-road guide services.

Rabaska is accessible by road, hydroplane, snowmobile, quad or boat.